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Custom Signage

When a fellow DJ gets married, his DJ friends really step up to the plate.

Thats what happened when Austin married the beautiful Mallory. Austin asked Gold Headphones to help make some custom signage for the wedding. We got a little carried away. Here are some pictures of the signs we created.


This was the first time we offered this service. But we really enjoyed how much it added to the beauty of the venue. So we are now proud to announce that we are now offering it to the public at a very low rate. These signs can be repainted any color and have any design you can dream up. If thats not enough for you, we can create entirely new signs of any shape and size. Just take a look at this marquee sign Austin and Mallory (the Reaches) decided to keep.


Quick note: because this is a new service, we're still perfecting the process. If you choose for us to provide custom signage at your event, we require enough time to design, order parts, and build each piece. The pricing of this particular service depends largely on the cost of materials and time required. Let us know your vision today.

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