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This is a big one. Especially if you care about dancing. If you've ever attended an event that had dancing. you should know from experience that playing the perfect song isn't enough. It has to "feel right." As DJs, our first priority is your guests' experience. If you want people to dance at your event, thinking about the lighting is essential.

We offer a few different types of lighting. All three can help transform a room into something special. Whether its for a sentimental ceremony, or a wild reception, we've got what you need.


As the name would imply, these are lights that typically shine up on walls to make a space look special. These are probably the best value as far as lighting goes because of their versatility. They can be placed anywhere because they're small and light. They can also set to any solid color as well as pulsing and flashing modes. During a low energy event like a dinner, they can work with the overhead lighting or even natural lighting of a space to make it more romantic, relaxing, or inviting. But when it's time to turn up the party, cut the house lights and let these babies take care of the dance floor. You'll be glad you did

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Lighting Trees

These things are the difference between an event and a party. These lights are a bit more serious than the up-lights because they are usually mounted about up high and have more complex settings. They have wash lights, moving lights, and even lasers. Our favorite way to use these lights is to set them to change to the beat of the music. If you want, we can pair these lights with a fog machine, which is so much fun.

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