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This is what we're known for and what we do best: Providing DJs that help make your event awesome.

Our DJ packages tend to be comprehensive, meaning we try not to leave anything out. If we show up, we like to bring our A-game. Here is what our DJs bring to the table for any event.

  • providing, setting up, and operating equipment (speakers, mics, anything you could need)

  • hosting

  • live mixing

  • site visits prior to the event

  • face to face meetings and anytime consulting for your event

  • shared documents to help you with planning

And thats the LEAST we offer in a DJ package.

We believe a successful event means more than just a crazy dance party, which requires a good DJ to be more than "just a DJ." For example...

  • A wedding is often a sacred day that requires the DJ to be honoring to your guests, and not make the day about themselves.

  • A corporate event might involve lots of content and training, which requires the DJ to be an excellent host, leading the guests through multiple activities and presentations.

  • School events require the DJ to be a clear but engaging communicator (and improvisor). Have you ever talked to 400 5th graders at once?

  • A music festival is filled with important acts, and often a DJ is just meant to be "the cement between the blocks"

  • All of the above require tons of planning and a professional DJ who listens and is involved in the planning process.

At Gold Headphones, we strive do all this and more.

Each and every DJ that works with us has extensive experience in client care.

We work hard to listen, and stay flexible to the needs of each event.

We also know sound equipment in and out because the last thing you want is a "technical difficulty"

We make sure that your guest's experience is exactly what you hoped for.

All of that to say, we also like to party and when the time comes to dance, we'll be there for you.

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